Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New website update

Yes it has been a very long time since I have posted.  So today I am just updating, and posting the new webpage where my photos, only will be seen, and hopefully sold.
It is still in the works but I have started to post photos... I hope you all enjoy


Friday, May 21, 2010

Passionate Focus and Chicago ROCKS

Well again I have not posted for a very very long time.
This is an update of the wonderful happenings of late.
I entered an art show in Chicago and two of my photographs were chosen to be in their exhibit!!! Pretty exciting yes indeed. The art show was sponsored by the Guild for the Blind in Chicago and took place May 13-21st
I submitted five photos and was thrilled to have two selected to be part of Passionate Focus. On top of that my Alcatraz Imprisoned won best of show. How exciting is that??
So on Thursday May 13th I flew to Chicago and was joined by two wonderful friends to share my excitement. Lorna whom I have known for ooooh 45 years about and Terri my dear friend from California along with Susan and Dan from Washington!! Susan's artwork was also shown.
During the show we were interviewed and here is link for that.

Well there will be more to follow on this but for now... ttfn

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Well the yucky white stuff has arrived!!
Can you tell I am not a fan of winter. Well of the cold and snow to be exact. Not a good thing as we now live where it will be both of those dreaded things.

So I need to make the best of it and look
at the snow with a photographers eye.

So I bundle up in layers and take out my camera. I think my camera probably was in shock the first time in the snow too. LOL The frog pic well, it was a wee bit lost i think.

I think these pictures prove to me at least that winter and snow can be pretty after all.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

our move

Well as of the second week of November we have resided in North Dakota. Yes I said cold North Dakota :)
Sadly the economy took it's t0ll on us pretty much as it has for several people in California. We were given an opportunity by a very good friend and gladly took it. We are living in his family homestead that he was fortunate to buy back earlier this year. It is out on 240 acres and has a few barns, outbuilding AND a pond. Oh yes a tractor as well. Sold me on the tractore HEHE
So we packed up our belongings and drove on thru to our new home. The scenery on the way was a mix of very boring desert and stunning mountains. I
am attaching some trip pictures to show the beautiful mountains in Montana.

Also Dan decided to do a little "truck" hunting on our way. The picture says it all.!!

More to follow but for now will sign off

Monday, August 17, 2009

the dragonfly

Today we went out for our usual walk with the dogs along the pond across the way from us.
The one difference was I have a broken rib that hurts like hell. seriously hurts. Big baby I am, yes.
Well i am stubborn enough to want t
o go for the walk but also even more stubborn to take the camera along of course.
A third of the way along I tell Dan, sorry I am not gonna make it go ahead. He does, and i wander along the side of the pond looking for anything interesting before I head back.
Well I got lost it seems wandering and just watching the birds because next thing I know my phone is ringing. "where are you" Dan asks....
"umm still at the pond waiting for you to come by"
He proceeds to tell me he is at home, so I truly got lost day dreaming I think.
So... I head for home, and WOW, I see a beautiful dragonfly. Well it was to me, I know it is a bit tattered from the wind, but to SEE it and follow it with my camera, made it beautiful.

So needless to say I snapped away... and please enjoy my Dragonfly = RP happy day.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Been a Long while

Well wow, I have not posted for some time now. I guess life kind of got a hold on me for a while here.
Too much happening to really get in to it all right now, but lots of change going on in my life that is for sure.
We (my husband and best friend Donna) just got back from an RP social in Oregon and that was oh so wonderful. Met so many new and dear friends, as well as connecting with ones already known.
Pictures of course will follow in the usual places.
But today just posting a couple of shots that came so randomly I feel like sharing.
It is also the biggest reason i don't leave my house without my camera.
We were just on our way to walk the dogs and well.... the pictures will show, I stayed behind for a while and Dan walked the girls.
I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I refuse to lose...

Last week was a really rough week for me, I spent several days in a foggy haze, yuck
With or without my glasses I was blurry and felt totally lost, depressed and just plain pissed off. Took me a bit to get past it, and to really get out of it I needed to write as well as take pictures. The taking pictures usually helps me to realize I can get around the funk, and sadness, well DAMMIT it rained on me! HAHA, ah well, I did get out and take a few pictures with my new macro lens, and the one i will post here reminds me of how I was seeing last week,
blurry around the edges, blurry in the middle, and a small area of focus.

I refuse to Lose...

Yesterday was a very low day
A hole I could not climb out of
Sadness wrapped its hurt
Around my aching heart
Yet tears they would not fall

A cloud covered my eyes again
Hiding the world as you see it
A fog, a blur, it was just there
Hiding the joy, the sunshine
My sight

I know it is to be expected
And I cry every time
I hide my tears from everyone
Cause hey, life goes on
As do my tears

Today I wake and still a fog
It gets hard to explain how I feel
Smile and say oh yeah I am fine
Inside I hurt, inside again
I am crying

So I will pull myself out of this hole
With words, and with a bit of hope
Hoping I take that special photo
That shows me I can do it
I just refuse to lose!

Nora K Devane