Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I refuse to lose...

Last week was a really rough week for me, I spent several days in a foggy haze, yuck
With or without my glasses I was blurry and felt totally lost, depressed and just plain pissed off. Took me a bit to get past it, and to really get out of it I needed to write as well as take pictures. The taking pictures usually helps me to realize I can get around the funk, and sadness, well DAMMIT it rained on me! HAHA, ah well, I did get out and take a few pictures with my new macro lens, and the one i will post here reminds me of how I was seeing last week,
blurry around the edges, blurry in the middle, and a small area of focus.

I refuse to Lose...

Yesterday was a very low day
A hole I could not climb out of
Sadness wrapped its hurt
Around my aching heart
Yet tears they would not fall

A cloud covered my eyes again
Hiding the world as you see it
A fog, a blur, it was just there
Hiding the joy, the sunshine
My sight

I know it is to be expected
And I cry every time
I hide my tears from everyone
Cause hey, life goes on
As do my tears

Today I wake and still a fog
It gets hard to explain how I feel
Smile and say oh yeah I am fine
Inside I hurt, inside again
I am crying

So I will pull myself out of this hole
With words, and with a bit of hope
Hoping I take that special photo
That shows me I can do it
I just refuse to lose!

Nora K Devane