Thursday, February 21, 2008

There are many facets to me, the deepest part of me I rarely have shared with people because sometimes it just hurts far too much. Now I am slowly breaking free of that pain. With my writing and my photography that has so been encouraged by my husband I am growing.

This following poem I wrote several years ago, slowly starting to realize who I am and what I needed to do. I am still growing.


Sometimes I wonder who i really am
a mold, someone elses creation
where did the me go?
where did i loose control?

So many dreams let go the wayside
So much love lost
too much pain
too many tears.

Who is this lost person?
Finally trying to gain control,
Who am I
Is this time for me?

I did everything as I was told
Looked the way you wanted
became the "perfect" ideal
Talked the "perfect" talk

Looking the other way
when hurt
Closing my eyes, my heart
to all the pain.

Now I have to gain control
Find the lost me,
Build a new and stronger soul
Take my lfe back.

©Nora K. MacDonald 12-11-02

Wednesday, February 20, 2008



How do i tell you I am afraid
what do i say, what words
I cry, and i hide the tears
how do i show you I am so scared

this strong front i have is just that
underneath there are tears
worries, heartache and fear
how can i show you I am weak

afraid of the dark
yet I could go blind
will you always be there
holding my hand, guiding me

How do i deal with this fear
how do I ask you to help me
I don't know the words,
I only know today I am afraid

Nora Kathleen Devane


Saturday, February 16, 2008


Yesterday my world became smaller
Surprising me, for I did not know
Yesterday my heart stood still
Filling with this fear and pain

Closing in was my circle of hope
The little bit I hold on to
That said I am okay
I am not going to be blind

It scared me, frustrated me,
Devastated my world
If only for a while
Yet my tears frustrated you

Frustrated you why,
Because this I should expect
Well, that angers me
Makes me very sad

Yesterday my world was caving
My heart was crying
Who do I tell?
Cause who understands

Tomorrow my world will be better
I will pick myself up
Wipe off my tears
Today, I am still angry

©Nora K Devane