Sunday, November 22, 2009

our move

Well as of the second week of November we have resided in North Dakota. Yes I said cold North Dakota :)
Sadly the economy took it's t0ll on us pretty much as it has for several people in California. We were given an opportunity by a very good friend and gladly took it. We are living in his family homestead that he was fortunate to buy back earlier this year. It is out on 240 acres and has a few barns, outbuilding AND a pond. Oh yes a tractor as well. Sold me on the tractore HEHE
So we packed up our belongings and drove on thru to our new home. The scenery on the way was a mix of very boring desert and stunning mountains. I
am attaching some trip pictures to show the beautiful mountains in Montana.

Also Dan decided to do a little "truck" hunting on our way. The picture says it all.!!

More to follow but for now will sign off