Thursday, January 24, 2008

An intro

Hello, Blind Eye Photographer?? what might that mean?
Simply put I am legally blind and I take pictures. I have a retinal disease called RP for short.. to learn more you can go to this link

Photography is my passion, as is my family. I have the most wonderful husband a person could ask for.
He is understanding, strong, loving and my best friend. He supports me in my dreams and in my loves. He is worth every wrong step I took in life to get to him. I love him more everyday.
My two sons of course I have loved since before they tickled my tummy to let me know they were there. I adore them and will always think of them as my babies, even though they are adults with lives and loves of thier own. No matter what they do in life, I will support them as best as I can with all the love I have behind them.

Thomas, mom and Ryan... my wonderful kids

The reason there is sunshine in my life
Next.. my furkids.. three of em.. yes that is plenty to love .. or is it? Sammie is our lab/greyhound "lap" dog, she is going on 7 but has the energy of a puppy. I love her to bits. Next we have Emmie that is our longhaired domestic terrorist... kitty. She rules the house of course as cats often do. She is her dads girl and tolerates me.
Finally there is Harlee or Harlequinn as she was named for her colouring. She is just over a year old Border Collie. This pup never runs out of steam and tests my patience at the best of times. I ADORE her as well.
So here you will find a mix of who I am. My photo's and my writings, all which are a huge part of who I am.
I write to work through my past and of course to deal with the unknown future. I write because it makes me whole again. I can get past the pain or even just capture the happiness.
I take photo's because I love seeing everything and remembering every moment in time, every beautiful sunset to each and every smile on my families face. That is who I am.
Memories in every photo.

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