Sunday, November 9, 2008

Update again and Thank you

Seems lately I have been neglecting this page. I need to get a bit more organized with my time.
Again I have had more vision loss and spent the past few days feeling very lost and sad with that fact. It came as a major shock as to how much I had really lost. Of course it is not like I had lost it over night. No, this creeps up, slowly but very steadily lately. Just being told an amount makes it seem like it is sudden. I know better but I still hurt and I still mourn the loss.
A very good friend of mine who has much less site then I do described it as a mourning and it so totally fit in to how I was feeling. She too is going through a vision loss and I also cry for her. I can relate and feel her pain just as much as I feel mine. We are not alone, yet when it hurts sometimes it feels like there is nothing and no one that can make the pain stop, the loss less scary.
So, I spent time writing, crying and talking to my wonderful friends and family to get myself through it. I always do get through but without the love and comfort of friends I know it would take so very much longer.
So this update is a thank you as well.
Today is a new day, I wrote this update without crying, so the healing has begun.

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