Monday, August 17, 2009

the dragonfly

Today we went out for our usual walk with the dogs along the pond across the way from us.
The one difference was I have a broken rib that hurts like hell. seriously hurts. Big baby I am, yes.
Well i am stubborn enough to want t
o go for the walk but also even more stubborn to take the camera along of course.
A third of the way along I tell Dan, sorry I am not gonna make it go ahead. He does, and i wander along the side of the pond looking for anything interesting before I head back.
Well I got lost it seems wandering and just watching the birds because next thing I know my phone is ringing. "where are you" Dan asks....
"umm still at the pond waiting for you to come by"
He proceeds to tell me he is at home, so I truly got lost day dreaming I think.
So... I head for home, and WOW, I see a beautiful dragonfly. Well it was to me, I know it is a bit tattered from the wind, but to SEE it and follow it with my camera, made it beautiful.

So needless to say I snapped away... and please enjoy my Dragonfly = RP happy day.

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