Thursday, April 17, 2008

Low Vision

Well, yesterday was my low vision assessment and to be honest I felt like it was a total waste of time. I know it was not totally but how I feel at the moment.
My acuity is in the toilet, and regardless of me saying to them that I think it has gotten worse, I did not want it confirmed. Silly me, still get upset by something I knew was there, obivious. Oh well. hurts just the same.
I am frustrated by the fact that the doctor has me taking this shit medicine and well somehow I feel it is NOT working. All it has done is make me puke, puke and puke some more. How is that for fun?
Thankfully in regards to the med I do have some good days where I actually get some food to stay down. How exciting. I mean like I asked Dan, what size do you go to after you hit size freakin 0?? Or do I just disappear then? HELL NO!! bring on the buckets of icecream.. or something dammit!
Do I sound sarcastic? Maybe because I am.
So, now I have to wait for more insurance crap to be approved before I can even get on with any OT. the whole objective of the visit to low vision clinic was to get O & M training. Something that I have fought in my head for a long time. SO when I finally get to that zone... oh gee they don't offer it. I have to go somewhere else.
Now, that zone has kind of backed off, I am leary, and I am weary.
HAHA funny me.
Well, so today I am just venting, needing to write something, yet poetry won't come.
I am sad, scared, just plain scared. Some days it is like that.
Today is that way.
Tomorrow will be better, cause I always gets past it.
Guess I will walk my dogs, clear my head, maybe take camera cause if I take a picture and I "get" it, well I always feel better.
How silly am I really?
I just know I am me, and I don't know how to be any different.


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