Sunday, March 30, 2008


Woke up Saturday morning, did not have a good sleep. Pain sometimes is just so annoying that sleep evades me. So, lack of sleep and then an overcast day made for a crappy eye day.

Well, regardless of pain or being able to see or not, I walk the dogs. it is a time that I so enjoy. My dogs look forward to it probably just as much as I do. We may not go as far as we used to before my hip issue, but they don't care. They are out with mom! Right now I am walking THREE dogs at one time. We have Austria visiting for a couple of weeks and she is a joy. I was not sure I would be able to walk all dogs together with my vision but have learned that I can do it with no problems.

So, we leave and the sky is overcast, hazy blah wreaking havoc on my eyes. I say to the dogs, good thing you all stop at curbs. Otherwise I am sure there would be sprains or strains on days like that.

We managed our walk, and I still had to go to store. Dropped dogs off at home and mulled over whether I should take my cane or not.. hahaha. Silly me decides NOT.

I could use it after all, bad lighting.. crappy blurry vision makes for a stressful long walk. With the dogs I have learned to trust them where they go etc. On my own it is different.

Goal... learn how to use cane AND walk dogs together... should be an interesting goal. I am lefthanded and dogs walk on left side. GRIN..will be fun, but I will do it.

So I come home, and dogs are happy to see me... I am grumpy... but dogs change my mood. I grab my camera and take some pictures.... why am I always happier with a camera and dogs as my subject?

OH well.. that was my day.. and here are some pictures.

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