Thursday, March 20, 2008

This Ride

This past week has been like a ride.. going to doctor, finding out that on top of my edema becoming worse, I now have glaucoma in my right eye. I have been up in the air how I feel..
I realize I have been kind of on pause...if that makes sense. I am starting to feel overwhelmed these days. So I sit and write...
I’ve sat back for so many years
Watching this ride
Seeing the ups
Hearing all the downs

Always avoiding my turn
Thinking I will never get on
My turn would never happen
Someone else was always in front

Yet here I am, first in line
On a ride I’d rather skip
The ups I miss
The Downs I am sinking in

Never did I think I would climb aboard
Feel this hurt,
Ride through this pain
Want so bad to get off

But here I am no return ticket
Just a heart full of fear
Head full of questions
And not knowing where to start

©Nora K Devane

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