Friday, March 7, 2008

I am struggling

I’m struggling with this pain
The words are jumbled
They may never make sense
The pain so deep, I ache inside

You were evil, and I was so naïve
So long ago,
Yet I remember like yesterday
So much pain, so much hate
It’s all boiling up inside of me.

Don’t cry, don’t think, don’t breath
It won’t hurt if you don’t move
No one cares, no one ever does
Can you see them here, holding your hand?

“You are nobody, just do as I say
Then you won’t hurt
Then you won’t cry
Then I will be happy”
That’s what you said

Your friends can’t help you
They have their lives
They don’t need yours,
They don’t care,
“we’ll” tell them goodbye

“I don’t like how you look
Don’t like how you talk
Don’t like how you cook
Clean, or breathe
I will never love you”

You hurt me, I hate you
You made me hate me
You took my soul
You took my …I just don’t know

I am struggling
The words hurt
The memories hurt
I need to release them
I need to evict them

I am struggling
In pain, in tears
Alone I have felt this
Never to share
Cause you said
No one would care

Nora K Devane

© 10-17-07

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